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Are you looking for a dog that is allergy-friendly? Do you want a lifetime dog that is loving and energetic? If so, then you need a Labradoodle by your side. The Labradoodle is the ideal dog for people with allergies who have always wanted to have a dog. It is also a great first-time dog if you are a novice.

Low Level of Shedding

Shedding can be a serious issue for many dog owners, especially those that are allergic to it which is why the Labradoodle is just the dog you need. It has a low level of shedding and there are even some crossbreeds which do not shed at all. They are uncommon though due to the fact that many cross breeders did not follow the specified standards set for crossbreeding dogs or pets in general.

 Less Drooling

Now, there are some dog lovers who do not want a dog that drools a lot. While, the Labradoodle is known for less drooling, hence, it could be the right fit for you. It can be difficult to find a devoted dog that has low levels of drool and the Labradoodle is one of the few breeds which experiences such as thing.

Easy to Groom

Another reason why you should seriously consider getting a Labradoodle is due to the fact that they are easy to groom. New dog owners should be thrilled to know that won’t have to go through any extensive training for grooming their Labradoodle.


Most of the Labradoodles that have been encountered are healthy and energetic. They can survive in both cold and warm temperatures. They are a breed of dogs that will love you completely and rush to do things that will put a smile on your face. You can always play fetch or other games with the dog and she will be happy to spend time with you.

Easy to Train

Although, Labradoodles have a potential to gain weight, they are easy to train. Their size is relatively perfect for a dog. They are intelligent and will go out of their way to show you just how intelligent they are.

Not a Guard Dog

The Labradoodle is friendly with strangers and is extremely welcoming as compared to other breeds. They do have a tendency to howl or bark, but aren’t considered a guard dog due to their welcoming nature.

Love to Travel

If you like to travel and are looking for a dog to accompany you on your adventures, then the Labradoodle is just the dog that you need. They have wanderlust potential and love to walk around endlessly in search of something new.

Exercise Needs

It is important for dog owners to know about the exercise needs of their dog. The Labradoodle is highly energetic, intense and requires you to take her for walks every other day to maintain its energy levels. You can play games with her to ensure that she remains healthy. It belongs to the Hybrid Dogs group of dog breed and is just the dog you need.


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